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"No teacher can hold the attention of a class day after day unless he is able to discipline them when the necessity arises." Modern Elementary School Practice, 1919.


One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is managing student behaviors. The following sites give guidance for the teacher as he/she establishes an environment conducive to learning.

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bulletStrategies for Classroom Management - This site offers great strategies to be used in the classroom dealing with organization, communication, monitoring, and delivering of information.
bulletOutstanding Students List-This is a great lesson plan promoting the idea of rewarding students for good behavior. This website offers teachers a variety of tools to help with classroom management.  It also talks about class-wide rewards for students.
bulletTeacher Talk - "How can beginning teachers show they care while maintaining order in the classroom?", An online journal about teaching published by the School of Education, Indiana University. This article has an exercise for teachers to determine their own management style and a description of various classroom management styles.
bulletIDEA -These links provide another admittedly incomplete list of resources for people who are interested in learning more about the 1997 amendments to IDEA
bulletTeacher Magazine -- This is an on-line teacher's magazine that features current events and other educational topics.
bulletEducation World -- This site contains lesson plans, news, curriculum and other useful information.
bullet COMP-- This site provides a range of information on speech technology, including speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech coding, and related material.
bullet ProTeacher--This website on classroom suggestions. From teaching up to the bell to ideas for new teacher.


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