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The Liberty Bell

My theme is "Our Country's Symbols".  It is for first grade students.  I think it would be best used on or around President's Day.  Here are some standards that may be addressed. 

  • Acknowledge patriotic connections by explaining the design of the flag, understanding the importance of the eagle symbol, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and identifying the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.
  •  Ask questions and explore the world around them.

  • Restate the main idea of simple expository information.

  • Explore ways to find factual information. (example: encyclopedias, Internet, CD-ROM, Discovery Channel.)

Background Information:
1.  United States Symbols
2.  Symbols of the United States

Lesson Plans
1.  Flag and Statue of Liberty Lesson plans (towards bottom of linked page)
2.  U.S. States & Regions Lesson Plans
3.  Liberty Bell, American Flag, Bald Eagle, etc Lesson Plans and Activities

Student Pages
1.  Symbols of the US Government
2.  A detailed look into the symbols of the United States
3.  U S Symbols Matching Game
4.  U S State Symbols