Descriptive Paragraph


Authors help us understand the setting of the story by writing visual pictures.  Try your hand at writing a descriptive paragraph of one of your favorite places, either real or imaginary. 

Use these prompts.  You will write a seven sentence paragraph with each sentence adding to the reader's understanding of the place being described.  

  1. first sentence begins with an adjective
  2. 2nd sentence begins with an adjective
  3. 3rd sentence begins with an adverb
  4. ... begins with a phrase
  5. ... begins with the word When
  6. ... begins with the words, The only
  7. ... begins with a word ending in ing
Example:  Towering trees surround the sides of my tree fort.  Forest sounds sing me to sleep when I stay the night in my favorite place.  Occasionally, when the moon is out, I hear the movement of animals in the brush.  In a flash I'm awake and sitting up.  When the noise ceases, I can sleep again.  The only time I can't go back to sleep is when the coyotes laugh at me from the hills behind our property.  Laughing coyotes can make any kid's mind play tricks.

Now you try it....













This idea is taken from Teaching K-8, Writelines - A Recipe for Success, by Chad A Donohue, May 2002